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The aim of Convert Plus is not simply to measure existing products but to actually educate users about the potential impact their designs, processes and activities have on the environment. By working alongside retailers from the very initial stages of design, SDEA members can incorporate key aspects of sustainability from the get-go and can create shopfitting and display equipment that has sustainability at the core.


This data is available through an intuitive web-based platform, supported by an extensive database of government specified figures covering all aspects affecting sustainability. The tool applies a process called eco-mapping, which evaluates the key elements of the product design in terms of its material make up, the manufacturing processes, packaging and logistics. By inputting materials and processes for each component of a design, supply chain & delivery logistics, packaging, use and end of life options, the user is able to form a 360 degree view of how sustainable each design is.  The software allows the user to store all their projects online, with up to six variations of each individual project. This allows for easy comparison of the concepts against the critical environmental impact of each – all in visually compelling graphs and tables. Finally, the user is able to save this as a pdf, allowing for easy integration in client presentations.

Convert Plus Introduction from SDEA.

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